A Moment in Time

Dear Ones,

Last night, at a Landmark Forum Seminar on Integrity, I, along with 150 other of HaShem’s children, witnessing a stunning moment in time.  I want to put it into words, particularly because it relates to how many of us felt after 9/11…for just a moment in time.

We were sharing, as a group, what had changed for us in our lives, what we had created, once we cleared so much of the everyday stuff that bogs us down and keeps us stuck.

I will call the man Joe…he stood and started talking about how he, his wife, her ex-husband and the ex-husband’s new wife, had put all their “stuff” aside to bond together as one family for the sake of their 4 shared children…and how they had become very successful at it…and how much he looked to his wife’s ex for moral support and brotherhood.  And then he stopped and took a deep breath.  When he continued, what he said brought the entire room to a quiet, collective stop.  A couple of days ago, one of his daughters and her young son had been killed in a car accident.  This collective family had come together and was helping each other through the grief, and shock, and anger and anguish of dealing with this.  He said he had no words for the amount of strength, in such a difficult time, he drew from this man who was once his wife’s husband.  He stood there, in all his pain, and just let it all be.

Our seminar leader, as the rest of us, was brought to his knees.  At that point you could have heard a pin drop.  Many were in tears, but one thing was clear.  Physics be damned, the truth was, at that point, as our seminar leader advised us to just breathe, and be in the moment, and just experience it all…we were one, breathing, moved mass of humanity, standing in grief and unity with this man.

Remember that feeling after 9/11?  Remember Mayor Juliano walking that young woman down the aisle at her wedding because her father, a NYC fireman had died in the South Tower?  Remember people in NYC visiting fire and police stations all over the city, bringing flowers and food as you would to someone after a death?  Remember all the foreign places we had never heard of who took in stranded air passengers for days on end until airplanes flew again?  Remember how we were all one.

That’s what happened last night.  We were all one  in the solidarity of our shock and grief for this fellow classmate and his family.  All pettiness dropped away as the rawness of life lived permeated our work-a-day lives.  It took a lot of just breathing, a lot of tears, a lot of WHY? until the seminar could even continue…and somehow we were all changed.

I guess we all remembered…just who we are.  We are all HaShem’s children.  We are all one.  We are one, huge, 7-billion-beings-strong family living on this one little mud ball hurling around in space.

Let that sink in.  We are one, huge, 7-billion-beings-strong family, living on this one little mud ball hurling around in space.

Go about your day, be blessed…and remember.

With many blessings and very great love for all of us,

Rebba Raine

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