Happy Father’s Day

Dear Ones:

Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful Dads out there. It is such an important job! And also a special remembrance to all the Dads who have transitioned over but are still keeping watch from the other side, my dear David v’sholom, included. Let me say that I wasn’t always able to say that. My Dad passed suddenly while I was in Japan in 1970, just weeks before my daughter, Davide, was born. We hadn’t had the easiest relationship and it has taken me many years to get it straight, complete and ok in my head and my heart. He was doing the best he could and he did an incredible job. My tenacity, my will power, my brains and my heart come from my Dad. And the face on Davide and myself. That comes from my Dad as well.

And while I am at it, a special remembrance of Davide’s Dad, Rob Dickson, v’sholom, who posed another great set of challenges in my life. But here too, years of work have brought completion and it is ok in both my brain and my heart. And when I look at Sascha Michael, who showed up for a surprise visit this weekend, or I watch Davide playing with Davey on my living room floor, or I watch Ian and Diane at the alter, pledging their love to each other…well, how can i be anything else but grateful for the incredible gifts he left. I think being a mother and a grandmother is the suma of my life. There is nothing I am prouder of or worked harder at. And after all the spiritual and self-help work I have done in this area of my life I would take the same rocky trip all over again for the sake of where I am now. Again I say, he and I were doing the best we knew how and when I see the self-reliance and strength in my children and see how they share their hearts and souls and love with others…well I think you get the picture.

So, to all you fathers (and single mothers who had to be both)-enjoy your day. You have earned it. That goes for grandfather’s, Uncles, brothers and others who have shared themselves with someone who needed a father. Bless you all.

With man blessings and very great love,

Rebba Raine

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