Going Back in Time

Dear Ones,

Yesterday I was with Robyn, my co-author, and we were going over edits on our book, I Was Never Broken. We had been doing the same thing the week before, in our editing meeting. As we started the work, I admitted to Robyn, that last week I had left with a feeling of unease, as I revisited my life, through my writing. We spent some time talking about this. She asked me if it was anger, regret, sadness. And there it was…sadness. But then, I realized, in that very moment, yet again, that the sadness was born out of the reality that that was the path I had to walk at that time. Now, in retrospect, I saw it all as lessons to be learned, steel to be forged in a searing hot flame. It felt biblical to me…HaShem burning off that which was not needed…so the refined, miraculous, joyful Raine could come forth.

We spent more time on this issue. And, not surprisingly, I felt much better by the end of the session, even though our editing had taken me back to some really difficult moments as seen in my autobiography. Wow–what a path I had walked. And yet here I was, sitting, safely at her kitchen table where we often work. I had survived it all. I WAS NEVER BROKEN…occasionally bowed by pain or adversity…but I survived. And here I was in an attitude of gratitude for all the had been, was now…and could be in the future.

As I left for my next appointment of the day, I turned to Robyn and said, “thank you for listening. I feel so much better.”

And so it is, and so it is.

With many blessings and very great love for all of us,

Rebba Raine

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