Grant Writing

Grant Writing

Rabbi Raine, as a public school educator for 48 years has had extensive experience writing grants.

She started writing Title I grants when they first became available, and has continued all these years to write grants to fund both educational (reading/writing/study skills/summer and after-school programs) and social service (Faith-Based Initiative) grants in New Jersey. Rabbi Raine and HaShem’s House partnered with other non-profits to provide counseling and mentoring services to people seeking assistance and rehabilitation from cocaine addictions.

Since coming to Austin in 2006, Rabbi Raine has ventured back into grant writing and successfully assisted Austin Free-Net, a computer services non-profit organization, to secure a teaching grant from IBM.

Rabbi Raine has several other projects in the works and is setting her course to garner faith-based initiative monies for social services through Texas One-Star.  She hopes to partner with such entities as Austin Community College, Ventana Del Soul and the City of Austin to bring educational services to aged-out foster care alumni attending ACC.

Rabbi Raine welcomes all inquiries and suggestions to continue this work.  If you are a non-profit and want to join in these worthwhile endeavors, please contact Rabbi Raine at HaShem’s House.