Board of Directors

Executive Rabbi/CEO:
Rabbi Rev. Dr. Raine Teller
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Ordained Interfaith Minister, All Faiths Seminary, NYC, 1998; Ordained Rabbi, Rabbinical Seminary International, NYC, 2001, Ordained Maggida, Yitzhak Buxbaum, Brooklyn, NY, 2010,BA English, California State University, Chico, 1967; MA Reading, Montclair State University, NJ, 1976; Ed.D. Language Arts Education, Rutgers, State University, NJ, 1998; MA Educational Administration/Principal, Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ, 2001, Ph.D. Divinity, Commonwealth Open University, Spain, 2001. Veteran educator of 43 years, author, worldwide motivational/educational speaker.

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Executive Vice-President:
Davide Rya Dickson
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BA in Genetics/Russian Language Studies, Texas A&M, College Station, 1982, School of Culinary Arts, NYC, Chef/Baker, 1998. Technical writer/scientific writer for pharmaceutical companies and private researchers.

Executive Treasurer:
Ian Marshall Dickson
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BA in Communications, William Patterson College, Paterson, NJ, 2001, graduate studies in Accounting, William Patterson College, NJ, 2006, corporate accounting, Footlocker, Inc, NYC. Independent music promoter for alternative rock bands.

Executive Secretary:
Sascha Michael Dickson
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BA in PolySci at University of Texas, Austin. Twelve years of administrative and corporate business experience in the food industry. Studied and passed Israeli Hebrew and Arabic Proficiency Exams with an eye towards international business conceptualization in the Middle East.  Certificate in International Business from McCoombs Business School at University of Texas

Executive Cantor:
Rev. Orah Gibbons
Executive Cantor

BA in Music, Hunter College, NYC, 1979; ordained interfaith minister, August 11, 2001, All Faiths Seminary; MA of Divinity, All Faiths Seminary, NYC, 2003; actor, jazz singer, cantor, playwright. CD Producer: “Someone Wonderful”.

Executive Interfaith Minister:
Rev. Dr. Craig Martin
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Rev. Dr. Craig Martin, known as Dr. Craig and the Astrologer to the Stars, has studied and traveled extensively worldwide to meet and learn from healers of many kinds. He is a licensed chiropractor and held a practice in NYC for 18 years. He is also a homeopathic doctor and spiritual counselor who has developed a form of individual and couples counseling based on his many years in the healing professions and his avocation of astrology. He helps people get in touch with the realities of their lives and then guides them in their healing. He lives in LA but still maintains a practice in NYC. Most recently he is the author of Elemental Love Styles and has been seen and heard on radio and TV.

Executive Director of Technology:
Richard Cowley
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Currently completing a BA in Technology in the Ministry through American Interfaith University, The Church of Anna, West Orange, NJ; 40 years experience in technology in education and business.

Chancellor of the Seminary at HaShem’s House

Rev. Maureen Jeffries


Adjunct Faculty


Lorene Stillwell:

Lorene Stillwell is a local, state and international storyteller and actor, living in Austin, Texas, with her son, Ian, both of whom are also actors. She is known in all circles as a fine teller from the folklore of her native Scotland. She regales audiences with her stories of old told in perfect vernacular and accent. She is on the Board of the Central Texas Storyteller’s Guild. She also is a writer.

David Thompson:

David Thompson is not just a seasoned storyteller but also a professor and campus storymaster at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. He is a member of the Tejas Storytellers Association Board of Directors and has been entertaining folks in Texas and beyond with his fanciful stories and fairy tales of all sorts.

Lucinda Wise:
Lucinda Wise is a member of the Tejas Storytellers Association and the Central Texas Storytellers Guild. She has performed in “tellings” of wonderful, fanciful tales in and around Texas for many years. She also teaches writing and storytelling.

Associate Rabbis

Rabbi Rokie Bernstein
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ordained Interfaith Rabbi through the Seminary at HaShem’s House. Maggidah through ordination from The Maggid Training Program of Rab Yitzhak Buxbaum, Brooklyn, NY. Jungian dream analyst and counselor and commercial entrepreneur in Canadian and world arts and design.

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Rabbi Francine Reibman
East Orange, NJ

Ordained Interfaith Rabbi through the Seminary at HaShem’s House. Medical engineer and chief officer/founder of NJ Children’s Emergency Network.